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  • CQ Researcher NYU Only
    The CQ Researcher explores a single "hot" issue in the news in depth each week. Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science and technology. There are 44 reports produced each year including four expanded reports.

  • CQ Weekly NYU Only
    The CQ Weekly enables the researcher to follow the developments in Congress on a weekly basis.  It  includes the full text of all articles published in the paper version since 1983. A user may browse through articles in the current issue or search for past articles by words, dates, subjects or other criteria.

  • Congressional  (Lexis-Nexis)  NYU Only
    A comprehensive research tool for federal legislative material. Some of its components are listed below.

  • Congressional Yellow Book NYU Only

  • LexisNexis Historical Full-text (Serial Set) NYU Only
    Full text of U.S. Congressional Serial Set and American State Papers (1789-1969: database to be completed by Dec. 2005)
    When connected, choose Advanced Search and select Serial Set

  • United States Code, Public Laws, Statutes at Large (CIS) NYU Only

  • Findlaw US Federal Law

  • Legislative History  (Lexis-Nexis CIS Index) NYU Only
    Search by law number, bill number, statutes at large citation, keyword, committee, publication title, witness name or affiliation, document number.

  • Bills  (Lexis-Nexis)  NYU Only
    Search by keyword or sponsor, and bill number. This site has a "hot bills" section.

  • House & Senate Journals, Series I, 1789-1817 NYU Only

  • Senate Executive Journals, Series I, 1789-1866 NYU Only

  • U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1873
    Includes: Journals of the Continental Congress, Elliot's Debates, Farrand's Records, Statutes at Large, U.S. Serial Set, House Journal, Senate Journal, Senate Executive Journal, Maclay's Journal, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and Congressional Globe. Available in pdf format.

  • Annals of Congress
    Formally known as the Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States, the Annals cover the First Congress through the first session of the Eighteenth Congress, from 1789 to 1824. Available in pdf format.

  • Register of Debates
    A record of the congressional debates of the 18th Congress, 2nd session through the 25th Congress, 1st session (1824-37). It is the second of the four series of publications containing the debates of Congress. It was preceded by the Annals of Congress and succeeded by the Congressional Globe. Available in pdf format.

  • Congressional Globe
    Commonly referred to as the Globe, contains the debates of Congress from the 23rd Congress, 1st Session through the 42nd Congress (1833-73). The Globe is the third of the four series of publications containing the debates of Congress. It was preceded by the Annals of Congress and the Register of Debates and succeeded by the Congressional Record. Available in pdf format.

  • Congressional Publications  (Lexis-Nexis CIS) NYU Only
    Full-text of reports, documents, committee prints, bills, Congressional  Record and congressional rules.

  • Members of Congress (Lexis-Nexis CIS) NYU Only

  • Congressional Committees (Lexis-Nexis CIS) NYU Only

  • Selected CRS Reports 
    Congressional Research Service reports are not available in one location on the Internet.  The link to the reports refers the reader to a July 15, 2002 article entitled "CRS Reports" by Stephen Young, in which, at the end of the article,  he provides links to various collections of the reports.

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White House


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