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Directory Information

CQ Insider - a mega-database for national, international, and state level contacts.  More than 10,000 federal offices, regulatory agencies, congressional committees, international organizations, and state government contacts. NYU Only

Leadership Directories (Yellow Books) - click "Log In Here!" NYU Only
The 14 Yellow Books include: Congressional, Federal, State, Municipal, Federal Regional, Judicial, Corporate, Financial, News Media, Associations, Law Firms, Government Affairs, Foreign Representatives, Nonprofit Sector

Municipal Yellow Book NYU Only

State Yellow Book NYU Only


State Codes Search
Statutory laws, court rules from all states &
Attorneys General opinions from all states (Lexis-Nexis Academic  - NYU Only)
State Codes from Washlaw Web
State Case Law Search
State high court & appellate decisions (Lexis-Nexis Academic  - NYU Only

Case Law

Findlaw State Cases
State Web Locator
CIS Statistical  NYU Only

Municipal Law & Documents

Index to Current Urban Documents
Municipal Codes Online

New York State Resources

State and Local Government on the Net (Piper Resource Guide)
Yahoo's NY State Government Resources
The Practicing Attorney's New York Resources
Findlaw's New York State Resources
New York Ethics Opinions Online NYU Law Only  (Password Required)

State Web Sites

Findlaw State Resources
Hieros Gamos State Resources
Washburn's State Resources
Cornell Law School State Resources
Internet Lawyer State Resources
The Practicing Attorney's State Resources
Versus Law Library of State Court Appellate Opinions

State and Local Organizations

Council of State Governments
National Association of Secretaries of State
National Association of State Information Resource Executives
National Association of Counties
National Center for State Courts
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Governors Association
National League of Cities
USA CityLink



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