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United States Government Documents and Publications   

Many documents and publications of the the executive branch, Congress and the courts are available in the law library in paper or microform, and more and more are available in PDF on the internet. 

  • Start with Julius, the catalog of the law library <julius.law.nyu.edu>.

    • Julius lists all types of federal materials (reports, books, codes, etc.) in all formats (paper, microform, internet) with hyperlinks to the internet.

    • Search Julius by author, (try "United States" before the name of the government body, e.g., "United States Tax Court"), title, keywords, or subject headings.

  • If it's not in Julius, try the other tools listed below.

  • See also Federal Resources.

  • See also Update: A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Public Accessible Sources (January 2006) <http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex/United_States1.htm>

  • On official websites, full-text materials may be hidden behind links like publications, documents, resources, press, reading room, FOIA, or library

  • For help, ask at the Reference Desk, or contact Jeanne Rehberg.

As a designated Federal Depository Library, in accordance with Federal Depository Library Program guidelines, the Law Library provides free and unrestricted public access to the Federal Depository materials, including federal government information in electronic format. In addition to a Basic Collection of Federal Documents Online, and core legislative, regulatory and agency publications online, the Federal Depository includes many other U.S. government publications in print and online. Federal depository patrons wishing to use CDROMS or diskettes that the library has received through the depository may request to check them out of the library for a reasonable loan period. The library provides free public access to federal government information on the Internet via first-come, first-served public workstations and printers in the three computer labs in the library. Patrons may print or download information, or email it to an email account provided by the patron. Filtering software may be turned off in accordance with Law School policy.

Assistance is available at the Reference Desk, or by contacting Jeanne Rehberg. Federal Depository materials, including electronic information, can be found by using this guide, the Julius catalog of the law library <julius.law.nyu.edu>, and the other tools listed below. 

Other tools:

Congressional materials, LEGISLATIVE HISTORY and bill texts
BobCat (NYU Bobst Library)
Websites: executive, legislative and judicial branches
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
GPO Access <www.gpoaccess.gov>
GPO Locator Tools & Services <www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/lts.html>
GAO Reports
CRS Reports
Basic Collection of Federal Documents Online
International documents and International law
Google U.S. Government Search <www.google.com/ig/usgov>

For congressional hearings, reports, documents, prints,  LEGISLATIVE HISTORY, and bill texts:

  • LexisNexis Congressional  hearings, reports, documents, prints.

    • Legislative Histories covers enacted public laws from the 91st Congress (1969/1970) to the present. Your search will produce a list of congressional hearings, reports, documents, prints, other bills, and Congressional Record citations related to the passage of a law. Search by keyword, Public Law number, Statutes at Large citation, or enacted bill number. A limited number of the publications listed are hyperlinked in full text. All are available in microfiche in the Media Center by CIS microfiche number, e.g., CIS-NO. 98-H521-13. PDFs of hearings will be available soon.

    • Congressional Publications is duplicative of Legislative Histories, but broader because it covers more years and more bills. It covers publications that Congress issued from 1789 to present related to any bill including pre-1969 bills. Advanced Search lets you search by keywords, author, title, congressional source (committee, etc.), and other fields. Search by Number lets you search with various citation options. Be sure to select the date range and the type of materials appropriate for your search. The Congressional Publications function searches all types of congressional hearings, reports, documents and prints, but the Congressional Record and other bills only to the extent that they are listed in the Legislative Histories 1969-present*. Many reports, documents and prints from 1789-1969 are in PDF, plus some others after 1969 are hyperlinked. Documents listed in the database are also available in microfiche in the Media Center by CIS microfiche number, e.g., CIS-NO. 98-H521-13. PDFs of hearings will be available soon.
      *The library has pre-1969 Congressional Record in microfilm and in the LLMC Digital collection through Julius.

    • "Help--Content Coverage and Subscriptions" gives you exact content and date scope for the Law Library's subscription. 

    • The CCH Congressional Index, is a very nice print tool for legislative history research. It lists hearings and reports and provides names of bill sponsors, dates of votes (i.e., dates for debate reported in the Congressional Record) and easy-to-read chronologies and status tables on bills. For older bills, it may be prudent to check both LexisNexis Congressional and the CCH Congressional Index. The Congressional Index covers from the 75th Congress (1937/38) to the present.
      B1  K49 C6 (current year at Reference)

    • Bill texts and bill tracking, 101st (1989/90-present) are available under the Legislative Histories, Bills and Law tab.

      Bill texts are also available:
      >Microfiche, Media Center, 91st (1970-present).

      >For other sources, see also Update: A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Public Accessible Sources (January 2006) <http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex/United_States1.htm>

      >For older bills back to 1789, try the New York Public Library SIBL branch at 34th and Madison (microforms).

      >Bills might be printed in the Congressional Record in two circumstances, when introduced and when they pass only one chamber; check the index to the permanent edition. When a bill is reported out of a House committee, the report usually prints the bill.


  • GPO Access>Legislative Resources   <www.gpoaccess.gov/legislative.html> has free links to congressional materials but covers only recent years.

BobCat catalog of the Bobst Library <www.bobcat.nyu.edu/>
Bobst Library, the general library on the NYU campus, is also a federal depository library.

Websites may have copies of some federal materials.

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. Verify the existence and titles of hard-to-find federal documents and publications. Locate libraries that have them and links to web versions.

To identify materials and locate them in other libraries, OCLC.

GAO Reports <www.gao.gov> GAO Reports

CRS Reports Congressional Research Service

  • Congressional Research Service Reports <lib.law.washington.edu/ref/crs.htm> by Cheryl Nyberg, Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington. This excellent guide links to sources of CRS reports in print, online and microfilm sources.
    Note: On March 20, 2007, a memo from the Director of the CRS prohibited distribution of CRS reports without prior approval from senior agency officials.

  • Dept. of State Foreign Press Center <fpc.state.gov/c18183.htm>
    Selected reports, 1999-current

  • Open CRS, an interface for accessing several free CRS collections. <www.opencrs.com/>

  • University of North Texas Libraries CRS site <digital.library.unt.edu/govdocs/crs/index.tkl>  Searchable access to reports on various websites since 1990.





Basic collection of federal documents online. The following materials provide a basic core of information about the workings and activities of the ederal government. Online versions are hyperlinked in the left-hand column. As noted in the right-hand column, the law library also has paper or microform copies of some of these materials. Federal Depository information

*Copyright restrictions prevent the inclusion of some tables in the electronic versions.

Also in print and/or microform

American Fact Finder


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids


Budget of the United States Government

Latest 2 yrs Reference
Earlier yrs B1  HJ2051.A54

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

HC110.P63 U53a

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

see section IV. above

Census of Population and Housing
(State and County Quick Facts)


Code of Federal Regulations

Latest year, plus
Furman Hall & Brown  Atrium
Keep all Title 3, 2002-
All yrs Media Center

Congressional Directory

Reference JK1012 .U55

Congressional Record
Updated daily.

Current daily issues:
B2 South NYUL  KA-A 18 A5
Perm. ed: Media Center and LLMC Digital through Julius

Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation

Reference  KF4527 .U54 2004

CRS Annotated Constitution Cornell Legal Information Institute hypertext version with links to Supreme Court opinions, the U.S. Code and C.F.R. same as above

County and City Data Book

Latest ed. Reference 
Earlier eds. B1  HA202.A36

Economic Indicators

Check CIS microfiche.

Economic Report of the President

Latest yr Reference
Earlier yrs B1 HC106.5.A272

Federal Register  Updated daily.
Hein Online >Federal Register   PDFs, 1936-(previous year)

Current issues B2 South:
All yrs Media Center

GPO Access


Historical Statistics of the United States, colonial times to 1970,  and other editions.
(selected historical statistics)

Check Julius.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Latest ed only Reference HF5382.5.U5 O23

Public Papers of the President

Hein Online >U.S. Presidential Library

Golieb  NYUL KA-A 51
Check Julius for holdings.

Government Printing Office Sales Product Catalog


Slip Laws

Use updates to USCA, 

Social Security Handbook




Statistical Abstract of the United States*

Latest yr Reference
Earlier years B1

Statutes at Large
(through LexisNexis Congressional >Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws>Get a document>Statutes at Large)

B1  KF50.U5
Media Center

United States Code


United States Government Manual

Latest yr Reserve and Ref
Earlier yrs B1  JK421.A3

United States Reports

Balcony  NYUL KA-A 6

USA Counties*


Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Hein Online >Federal Register, PDFs, 1965 -(previous year)
Proquest, 1992-(previous year)

Paper, 1965- 2000.
Microfiche, 1992-

Compiled by Jeanne Rehberg, New York University School of Law Library.


This page was updated January 04, 2008